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Everything's not great in life, but we can still find beauty in it. Everyone is going to see things differently - and that's the way it should be. It's cold, but it's beautiful. Maybe we got a few little happy bushes here, just covered with snow. Let's put a touch more of the magic here. We start with a vision in our heart, and we put it on canvas.

Let's get wild today. You're the greatest thing that has ever been or ever will be. You're special. You're so very special. We spend so much of our life looking - but never seeing. The man who does the best job is the one who is happy at his job.

Clouds are free. They just float around the sky all day and have fun. Let's have a happy little tree in here. You don't want to kill all your dark areas they are very important. Let's give him a friend too. Everybody needs a friend.