Woodminster at your Service

Meet the Woodminster Team

As a full-service property management company, we take care
of pretty much everything.   When an
issue becomes apparent, we communicate. 
Each owner has an on line portal for communications, as does each
tenant.  Tenants are also able to pay
rent on line.  We have a comprehensive
system in place, and all of us who work here take great pride in our work and
derive great pleasure from our work.  We
are a service company. 

Nicholas Drobocky, CEO has built this business from the ground up.  Our mission is to have owners such as yourselves leave the area and not worry.  We now have about 150 properties, mostly in Oakland and Berkeley, and also in Richmond, San Leandro and Alameda. Our team members live in Oakland, so are familiar with all the pleasures of life in the area - just ask us!