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How do I apply to Rent?

At this time we do not accept stand alone rental applications that aren't associated with an available rental property we manage. Due to market conditions, this is unlikely to change in the near future.

In addition, we do not conduct property searches for applicants looking for rentals. There are plenty of online search portals such as Craigslist and Hotpad that have a larger property inventory and are better suited for this task. No secret insider information here - sorry about that.

Good News! We do feature a handsome collection of San Francisco Eastbay rentals that are safe, professionally managed and that most importantly are available to rent now. Just find the property in our inventory that appeals to you and click the APPLY button. No games or gimmicks - all properties advertised are indeed available; we only deal with owner clients that are both ethical and responsible. In addition, we don’t manage properties with ongoing repair issues or conditions that might negatively affect the health and safety of residents.

Whew, after reading all that, are you ready for the good stuff? Of course you are, so why not visit one of our currently available Oakland and SF Eastbay rental properties?